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Blogs have been the key to effective search engine optimization practices for many years now. There are so many high authority blogs that allow third-party users to post guest content and include their anchor links in them. If you post content on blogs that have a high ranking in the Google search engine, then having backlinks in the content will help your website rank high too.

 There are two ways you can boost your website rank with blogs. You can use guest posting services or blog outreach services. They streamline the SEO process where blog posting and outreach are concerned. The guest posting services and blog outreach services will get your website ranked higher in Google within a matter of months.

Guest Posting

Guest posting is what was described above. You find a blog website that features a topic that is similar to the content on your website. Then you make a guest post on the blog by using high-quality content that is relevant to the discussion. Most importantly, you would include an anchor link to your website in the content so that other viewers can click on it and visit your website.

This anchor link serves as a backlink, which gets detected by the Google search engine. If Google determines the backlink is on a high authority website, then it will benefit your website ranking immensely. The more high authority websites you get your backlinks on, the better your website ranking will be in Google.

Guest posting services are an easier way to accomplish this task. Rather than spending time posting content on each individual blog website, guest posting services will do all this work for you. Not only that, but they have established relationships with many high-quality blog websites already. So, you don’t need to worry about your guest post content getting rejected.

Keep the content short because people don’t like to read for very long. The average blog viewer won’t spend longer than 37 seconds to read a blog post.

Blog Outreach

Blog outreach is the practice of reaching out to the bloggers who run blog websites and trying to convince them to post your content. It could also involve reaching out to bloggers who have posting privileges on a high authority blog website and convincing them to post your content.

This concept is similar to what influencers do on social media. For example, when a celebrity or popular social media personality has millions of subscribers on Instagram or Facebook, their social media platform becomes a powerful marketing tool. As a result, companies and entrepreneurs pay them a lot of money to post their content on social media.

Blog outreach is kind of like this too. If you find a blog that you’d like to post content on, then emailing the blogger is a form of blog outreach. However, there is no guarantee that the blogger will accept your request. They probably get thousands of requests each day, so why would they accept your request over all the others?

The only solution here would be to contact a blog outreach service provider. This type of service can save you so much time. After all, outreaching to bloggers can be a time-consuming task. You must reach out to several different bloggers and then send follow-up emails periodically if they don’t respond. Once you get a response, then you’ll likely have your first authoritative link on a high-authority blog website.

Now you’ll want to keep the trend going by having the blog outreach service provider contact more bloggers. Do not expect the majority of bloggers to accept your content because they’re already overwhelmed as it is. But the persistence of the blog outreach service provider will increase the chances of acceptance.

Your Website Rank

The Google algorithm is one of the most sophisticated search engine algorithms ever designed. It is constantly being updated and enhanced to ensure that only authoritative websites receive the highest rank. That is why when you search a term or phrase in Google, you always receive authoritative websites on the first page. You’ll rarely ever see dead or inactive websites listed on the first page.

By getting your backlinks listed on high authority blog websites with relevant content attached to them, it tells the Google algorithm that those backlinks lead to an authoritative website. But if you were to put your spam your backlinks onto thousands of inactive blog websites, the Google algorithm will decrease your website rank.

So, if you use guest posting services and blog outreach services, make sure they give you high-quality backlinks on high authority websites. 

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